Committee Profile: Nick Gara, the Couchman.

May 31, 2022by Villager FC0

Player/Committee Profile: Nick Gara, the Couchman.

A 31 year old that has stepped into a massive role at Villagers when the club needed it most! Nick has given everything he can into keeping the Institution that is Villager Rugby Club above water! Nick is a Lock/8th but has always wanted to give Flyhalf a crack(if we have 8 or 9 injuries at Flyhalf, we’re sure he’ll get a run)

The man is a softy at heart, who loves a good romcom, a Knights tale being atop that list. I don’t think he has ever said no to a night out with the boys, so just to mention his lovely Wife Lauren, she is a true angel being able to put up with him, to be fair she is there half the time which make the two of them perfect for each other!

If there is a rum and coke in the area, Nick won’t be far away, slap some karaoke on and guaranteed he will be there smashing Angel’s by Robbie Williams! Nick is a current member of the Vipers Team at Villagers, with his best memory for the team was scoring under the poles in Derby day this year against Hammies!

The Vipers are lucky to have you part of the squad, and Villagers are privileged you have stepped in! The future for the club has light at the end of the tunnel now, let’s hope we can make it!

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