Villagers Rugby Club reaching out to Deaf School Rugby

April 14, 2023by Villager FC0

Dominican School for Deaf Children: Villagers Rugby Club reaching out to Deaf School Rugby

The Dominican School for Deaf Children was established in 1936. Our deaf learners comes from challenging backgrounds. Nonetheless, the amazing staff at the Dominican School gives them hope for a better future.

Over the years the extra mural activities included volleyball, Netball, Soccer and swimming. Rugby was never really a focus point until 2022. We started sevens rugby in March 2022 with the aim of developing the rugby skills, improve fitness levels and also to create rugby brotherhood among the players.

We have a total of 19 dedicated and active players. Their ages range from 16-19 years.

We have played four matches last year against:

  1. Tafelberg School (won 12 – 7)
  2. SACS Hostel Team (drew 12-12)
  3. De La Bat School in Worcester (lost 12-5)

It is unfortunate that the school does not have a home field to practice on. We were forced to practice on a small field that is not adequate for the sport of rugby. We are truly thankful to Villagers Rugby Club who created an opportunity for our learners since January 2023 to use their fields.

Our squad of 23 players really enjoy practing at Villagers Rugby Club . It makes them feel part of something great and they also feel valued. Thanks to Villagers for the latter. I am also so excited to report that after the positive feedback from the learners, we have started rugby in the Pre-School Department (u/6, u/7 and u/8). This includes boys (15 players) and girls (16 players)

We are really looking forward to a positive and inspiring partnership with Villagers Rugby Club.

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